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Crude Oil Trader

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"the prevailing wisdom is that markets are always right;
I assume they are always wrong."

-- George Soros

Crude Oil Trader is the home of the Crow Trading Strategy and the Capricorn Fund. The Crow Trading Strategy takes a birds eye view of the futures market for crude oil. It identifies potential reversal points in trends based on the analysis of fundamental and technical data.
The site provides a comprehensive online resource on the workings of the strategy, its methodology, and recent trades.  It, further, provides coverage of fundamental and technical analytical methods to trade crude oil in the futures market. 
Furthermore, there is a section on the psychology of trading, which will help traders optimise their performance and trade "in the zone". So whether it is very short term day trading or longterm trend following the site offers a valuable resource for all traders. 

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Commodities trading carries a high level of risk so you should only speculate with money you can afford to lose.